Archdiocese of Mexico Calls for Authorities to Help after 7 Churches Vandalized and Priest with Seminarians are Robbed in Recent Days

The Archdiocese of Mexico denounced that in recent days, at least seven churches have suffered due to crime. The Archdiocese of Mexico, which Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes governs pastorally, reported that in recent days several churches -parishes and chapels- have suffered violence and robbery .
In the morning of August 29th, criminals entered the Saints of America parish in Mexico City’s south and tied up the parish priest, Father Jóse Luis Pérez, and a group of seminarians who were entering into the church at that time. (ACI excerpt)
The robbers took the priest’s cell phone, seminarians laptops, money from the metal donation boxes and from the weekly collections of the Catholic church.(ACI excerpt)
 He clarified that although there was no damage to the physical integrity of the priests and laity who were at the time of the commission of the crime, there was a detriment to their property , as well as the anguish of suffering an assault, even with threats. 
 The parishes that have recently been the object of delinquency are: San Lorenzo Deácono y Mártir (Huipulco); Santa María de los Apóstoles, Santos de América, Santo Cristo del Pedregal, Santos Reyes and El Señor de la Misericordia, the Purification of Our Lady of Candelaria (on two occasions), and the Chapel of the Child Jesus, which corresponds to the parish of Saint John the Baptist. 
 Through its Communications office, the Archdiocese of Mexico explained that complaints have been made and the authorities have been notified: "With this we want to highlight the importance of reporting any criminal event to combat indifference and impunity," the statement said. 
 The Archdiocese of Mexico called on the authorities to address the situation of insecurity suffered by thousands of Mexicans, in some cases with unfortunate outcomes, and from which the churches have not been exempt. The Church assured that only united as a society, with an open dialogue, will it be possible to find the way to give Mexico the necessary peace and security. "It is urgent to stop this spiral of violence ." He also thanked the solidarity and support of all the people who have been on the lookout for the parish communities, priests, deacons, seminarians and lay faithful belonging to said communities. “May the risen Christ be the one who helps us carry out the processes of forgiveness and justice in our beloved Mexico, that he motivates us to rebuild our families and society, and that with his grace we can accompany our young people in the development of all the virtues so that be honest and honorable people, as our predecessors taught us,” the statement concludes.
Source: (ACI excerpt)