#BreakingNews 7000 People Attend the United Kingdom's Annual Pro-Life March for Life in London with Many Youth and Support of Catholic Bishops

March for Life UK
A record number of people gathered in London for the annual UK March for Life, organisers have reported.

According to police estimates the event attracted 7,000 supporters for the march which ended with a gathering in Parliament Square.

It comes just a few days after home DIY abortions became standard practice in England and Wales.
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Record numbers took part in this year’s March for Life UK which was held in central London on Saturday 3rd Sept. It seems that the overturning of Roe v Wade in America has had quite a ripple effect across the ocean as more young people than ever paraded through the streets on a lively procession which ended in a gathering at Parliament Square. Madeline Page, CEO of The Alliance of Pro-life Students said ‘We’ve seen a steady increase in the amount of young people wanting to take part in pro-life events since the news from America, many of these are stepping out for the first time and feel that since this issue is being talked about more, it’s now acceptable to disclose their beliefs.’ 

One of the keynote speakers at this year’s event was Shawn Carney, founder and CEO of 40 Days for Life, the largest international pro-life organisation in the world. Shawn came all the way from the US to speak at the march and began his speech with a resounding: ‘Greetings from an abortion free Texas!’ Shawn then went on to remind those present of the words of Mother Teresa; ‘When America ends abortion, the world will follow.’ 

Numerous UK speakers stood alongside Shawn Carney, including Hayley, who shared her testimony of coerced abortion and Amrita, who took the first set of abortion pills only to experience an instant feeling of regret and contacted Dr Dermot Kearney (also a speaker on the day) who prescribed Amrita with what is known as ‘The Abortion Reversal Pill’. Amrita then showed the crowd her beautiful, healthy, baby girl.

The 50 or so abortion supporters who had gathered in protest were dwarfed by the 7,000 strong crowd of March for Life UK who chanted their theme ’10 Million Too Many’. One of the organisers of the event, Ben Thatcher, explained ‘This is the number of abortions which have occurred since the Abortion Act was passed in the UK.’ Co-director, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce shared her concerns at the current abortion laws which permit abortion up to 24 weeks for almost any reason and up till birth for downs syndrome or a disability ‘Inside the womb of every pregnant woman is a human being.’ She said ‘That’s not politics, that’s not religion, that’s science.’
Those in attendance included some with no religious beliefs and various Christian denominations including three Catholic bishops who all spoke at the event. The event was supported by pro-life organisations from across the UK.

Photos Credit: March for Life UK

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