Vatican Announces Contest for Music for the Jubilee Holy Year of 2025 - Open to Anyone Able to Compose a Hymn for the Event

The Vatican announced that the Dicastery for Evangelization invites entries for the Hymn for the Holy Year 2025. This is in order to set to music a provided text which expresses the essence of the Jubilee event.  The Dicastery is in charge of coordinating the Holy Year of 2025. Therefore they launched a competition, open to all, for the composition of the Jubilee hymn. Interested participants in the competition are invited to set to music a text proposed by the Dicastery’s Section for Fundamental Questions regarding Evangelization in the World.

The hymn is intended to have a liturgical purpose and should be capable of being sung by a Church congregation and by a schola cantorum.

Entries in the competition are required to be sent in by 25 March 2023.


Compositions must be original by the author and unpublished, and must have the added embellishment for the part for the schola cantorum, for the 4-voice singing of the refrain and stanzas.

Participants are also required to submit the score for voice and organ, and the entry must not be the work of a paid commission, and must never have been performed before in a concert or public event, or transmitted by any broadcast media.

There are more conditions for the entries and they can be found on the webpage created for the Jubilee 2025 Hymn competition

Application forms for the competition will be accessible at, starting January 16, 2023 and ending at 8 p.m. (Italian time, CET) on March 25, 2023.

After that date and after the selection has been completed, only the winner of this competition will be contacted. 

Jubilee Year

The Catholic Church celebrates a Jubilee every 25 years. It is a time to revitalize the daily life of the Church and of every Christian.

Each Jubilee Year has a theme. Pope Francis has chosen “Pilgrims of Hope” as the theme of Jubilee 2025.

Edited from VaticanNews and Dicastery for Evangelization