Wow a Catholic Church in Indiana, USA, Blesses their New Food Trailer to Serve Free Meals to Homeless and Poor - PICTURES

A Catholic Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA blesses their new food truck to serve free meals to homeless and poor. Under the guidance of Fr. Rick Nagel, parish priest of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, the Emmaus ministry started this great initiative. 

On Facebook, Fr. Nagel shared:

"Blessing of our new Emmaus Ministry Food Trailer to serve our homeless and poor neighbors in Indy. For many years, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church has served the poor and marginalized in downtown Indy. The new food trailer is a new chapter in this wonderful call as Christians to have Preferential Option for the Poor! Thanks to all those who have made this a reality by their generous gifts of time, talent and treasure! #Godlovesacheerfulgiver!"

SEE their Pictures Below and Share to Inspire Another Food Truck!