#BreakingNews Catholic Diocese in Michigan Releases VIDEO of Vandalism at Church of the Resurrection

Parishioners at the Church of the Resurrection arrived for Sunday Mass, October 9, to find their church had been vandalized overnight with pro-abortion graffiti. The spray-painted messages daubed on the church doors, signage and sidewalk included: “RESTORE ROE” and “IS OVERTURNING ROE WORTH YOUR LIFE OR YOUR DEMOCRACY?” Local law enforcement is now searching for those responsible, a task which includes reviewing the parish security camera footage. Here’s a short film garnering reaction from parishioners. Please keep the clergy and lay faithful of the parish in your prayers. Holy Mary, Help of Christians, pray for them.

They also released surveillance camera footage of vandals daubing pro-abortion graffiti on the church doors, signage and sidewalk in the hope that it helps police find those responsible. The Church of the Resurrection is situated on the city's East Michigan Avenue.
"Our hope and our prayer is that those who did this to our parish church are not just brought to justice but are also brought to conversion, brought to an encounter with the love of Jesus, brought to a realization that anger corrodes the soul while life in Christ brings only freedom, peace and healing. That's our hope. That’s our prayer," said parish pastor, Father Steve Mattson, October 12. The events caught on camera took place between 11:52 p.m. and 11:56 p.m. on Saturday night, October 8. A fixture of Lansing life, the Church of the Resurrection is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary. The three vandals can be seen walking up to the church from the direction of Jerome and Custer. They then spray paint the church and surrounds over the span of a few minutes, before leaving the scene on foot back toward the direction of Jerome and Custer, where they turned westward on Jerome.
 Local law enforcement were quickly alerted. They are now searching for those responsible. The graffiti has since been power-washed. The church's electronic sign which is situated on East Michigan Avenue now carries the message: ’To whomever vandalized our church: We forgive you and we are praying for you." * Do you think you know the vandals? Call the City of Lansing Police Department on 517-483-4600. Thank you.
Combined Releases from the FB Page of the Diocese of Lansing