#BreakingNews Ortega Government in Nicaragua Arrests 11th Religious, Fr. Enrique Martínez Gamboa, Age 64, after Forcefully Entering his Residence

On Thursday, October 13, a riot patrol force entered the house of the priest Enrique Martínez Gamboa , 64 years old. The priest was alone in his house and seeing that the riot police broke down the fence of the property, he ran to take refuge in his room.

The police entered the house with violence and broke down the door of the room where the priest was.

“They got to the room where he was and started kicking the door. They broke down the door, broke it down, kicked and shoved him out, and put him in the van. He told them: 'murderous policemen', he also shouted several times: 'Long live Christ the King!', “They are taking me by force!” 

The Daniel Ortega regime against the Catholic Church, which in the last six months has left 11 religious imprisoned, including Bishop Rolando Álvarez. 

The parishioners who listened to the father's homilies also feared reprisals against him, because of the prophetic voice that characterized him.

The same day of the violent arrest, the priest was transferred to the Judicial Assistance Directorate (DAJ), known as El Chipote. His family asked about him, but the answer was that "they couldn't tell him anything."

“He has been without socks these days that he has been in prison and they do not accept short-sleeved shirts, nor sheets, he is practically naked, only in his underpants, it is a way of torturing people, because imagine someone who is used to always walking dressed, always covered, being in that nude situation, because that hits him psychologically, ”say the sources.

Martinez is chronically ill. He suffers from diabetes, hypertension and has kidney damage. He also has circulation problems: a few years ago a thrombus formed, a blood clot, which complicated his health and for which he "was hospitalized on the verge of death."

The priest Enrique Martínez Gamboa belongs to the Diocese of León, but he was exercising his ministry in Managua, and on some occasions he celebrated mass in the Santa Marta Church, according to religious sources. The priest was also chaplain of La Salle.

The dictatorship in Nicaragua has kidnapped eleven religious during the second half of 2022, when a new chapter of direct aggression against the Catholic Church began. 

This week the regime scheduled for December 1 the oral and public trial against three priests, a deacon, two seminarians and a cameraman who were kidnapped by the Police, along with Monsignor Rolando José Álvarez, in the Matagalpa Curia.

Source: https://www.confidencial.digital/