#BreakingNews Twin Attacks in Mogadishu Kill 100 People - Pope Francis Prays for the Victims

On October 29th, in Mogadishu, Somalia, Africa two bomb blasts killed at least 100 people. Twin blasts targeted the ministry of education in the capital, Mogadishu, and occurred in a busy junction. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud says. Among the victims "who were massacred [were] mothers with their children in their arms", the AFP news agency quoted. 
After his Angelus address on Sunday, October 30th Pope Francis prayed for the victims: 
"While we celebrate Christ’s victory over evil and over death, let us pray for the victims of the terrorist attack in Mogadishu, which killed more than a hundred people, including many children. May God convert the hearts of the violent!" 
The president blamed the al-Shabab militant group for Saturday's attack which targeted the education ministry. The pro-jihadist Somali Memo website has reported that the group has said it was behind the blasts. An affiliate of al-Qaeda, al-Shabab is involved in a 15 year long conflict with the federal Somali government.  
The first hit the education ministry and then the second went off as medical teams arrived to deal with the aftermath, the Reuters news agency reports.  After Saturday's attack, hundreds of people have gathered near the site, looking for missing family members. Among those killed were a prominent journalist and senior police officer. "I am here to tell the Somali people that such October attacks will not happen again, God willing," President Mohamud said after visiting the scene of the attack. "The bombings were a message sent by the militants to show that they are still alive, despite the fact that they were defeated in battlefield by government forces," he added. The African Union (AU) mission in Somalia said that the "attacks underline the urgency and critical importance of the ongoing military offensive to further degrade al-Shabab". The group controls much of southern and central Somalia.
Edited from BBC