In Mexico a Million People March for Life, Women and Peace in Multiple Cities Across the Nation

1 Million people attended a pro-woman and pro-life march in Mexico, in 60 different cities. The march occurred on October 8-9th, 2022. They read a petition in which they asked for:
Specific objectives
Unite many people and groups that are active, and unite their efforts, in favor of human dignity, women and life, respecting the identity and action of each of them.
Continue promoting actions of civil society in favor of the dignity of women and life, to address the causes that lead us to think about abortion.
Make society aware of the roots and complexity involved in the issue of abortion, through a broad, serious and deep reflection from all sectors.

This was the second consecutive year for this specific march in streets of Mexican Cities to demonstrate in favor of women, life and peace.
From early on, those attending the demonstration gathered at the National Auditorium, to go to the Angel of Independence, where after the march they read a petition asking for the union and dialogue to deal with problems that mainly affect women.  On the banners were slogans:  "You see, you feel, life defends itself" "Christ is alive and lives in each one of us, let us respect each human life" "I love peace" "For women and life ”. Martha Razo, one of those attending the event and who traveled from Veracruz to Mexico City to participate in the march, told EFE that her intention was to defend the pro-life movement "so that youth become aware that abortion is murder." ”. 
This march took place over the weekend in at least 100 Mexican cities.  
 Luisa Argueta, spokesperson for the march, mentioned that this demonstration seeks to raise its voice for all women in the country, for life and for peace, since, she said.  Laura Reyes, one of the attendees, said that she also sought to “make visible” the problems of women, which “require a deeper solution, instead of quick alternatives such as abortion. This year we are trying to reach a national agreement so that women have better jobs and better living conditions.” This second national protest occurs while nine states in the country have legislation that permits abortion. In addition, it happens in a context in which 10 women are murdered every day, according to official figures.