Catholic Bishops of Chile Release Message from Bishop Emeritus Bernardo Bastres Florence on his Acquittal from Alleged Covering up a Kidnapping - FULL TEXT

Message from Bishop Emeritus Bernardo Bastres Florence
Through a letter, the emeritus bishop of Punta Arenas, Bernardo Bastres Florence sdb, sends a message to the diocese, before the Supreme Court's ratification of the annulment of the judicial process against him.

Wednesday, November 09, 2022
(Jn. 8, 31 -42)

Dear brothers and sisters:
I never thought or imagined that I would have to write these lines, since, on October 11, the Minister who was investigating the disappearance of the young Ricardo Harex issued an indictment, which "convicted" three Salesians, including myself, as accessories in the forced kidnapping of young Ricardo.
Last Monday, November 7, the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence given by the Court of Appeals of Punta Arenas that exonerated us of such a crime.
My first word goes to the Ricardo Harex family, who have lived an ordeal since that October 19, 2001, and who, based on the investigation carried out by the Visiting Minister, raised hopes, which in the end has led to multiple conjectures that they do not determine the crime or the possible perpetrators.
At the time I was informed of the indictment, I was in Turin, making a retreat in Don Bosco's places, and this news left me disconcerted, because I perceived it as the "coup de grace" that "killed" me in the media, giving free rein to all kinds of judgments and speculation in the media and on social networks. Arrived in Chile, I changed my address and I have been during these 27 days without publicly exercising the priestly ministry, praying and asking God to clarify the matter, so that, knowing the truth, justice would be restored. 
From the first moment, my pain and suffering have been for my brothers in the faith, who have had to bear a weight that did not conform to the truth, endure criticism and misunderstanding from their own and from those who, from from this, they found reasons to make them suffer, because of the "bad testimony" of their former Bishop.
I have also kept in mind the suffering of the current Father Bishop Oscar, of the priests, the nuns and the diaconal couples, who did not deserve such an affront.
I wish to thank all those who have accompanied me with affection, closeness and prayer, and also those who have silently offered this time to the Lord for our Church and its needs. Communion in the spirit has strengthened us in brotherhood and in the hope that comes from faith.
Now, enlightened by the truth, we hope that the Community can continue walking, without this shadow of doubts and misunderstandings, in the beautiful mission that the Lord has given us: to announce the Good News to all, especially to those who need it most. .     
A hug with all affection, and offering this suffering for all and for your Church in particular,
+ Bernardo Bastres Florence sdb
Bishop Emeritus of Magellan

Santiago, Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Beginning of the Month of Mary