Former Catholic Nun - Sister Cristina Scuccia who Won on "The Voice" Leaves the Religious Life

Cristina Scuccia, the former Catholic Nun from Italy who won on the program "The Voice," has left convent after 15 years in religious life.
Sister Cristina Scuccia, won the 2014 edition of The Voice of Italy, She has left the consecrated life after 15 years and moved to Spain. The 34-year-old, now lay-woman, is now dedicated to music while working as a waitress.

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Scuccia gave an interview to the Italian show “Verissimo,” without her former habit,  in a red pantsuit. 
She told host Silvia Toffanin that “The Voice paved the way for an evolutionary change, but the decision came with COVID that forced me to stop and look inside myself.” “The media exposure, over time, was the driving force behind many questions. I went into a crisis, I couldn’t figure out who I was, I started the journey with a psychologist,” she said.
 In this context, the former religious made the decision to abandon the consecrated life.
“At one point I was no longer well. It’s as if my personal maturation was squeezed into the habit and its rules,” Scuccia explained. “I didn’t understand who I was. I have never denied God, but I did not find myself within my habit,” she added. 
However in the interview, Cristina said she didn’t want to leave the faith. “I still believe in God and I have no intention of abandoning the path of faith.” She added, that she is “grateful for everything experienced up to now.”


Lahesa said…
It is ok. You do not have to be a nun to serve Christ .Im soo happy for her