LISTEN to a Soul Stirring "Pie Jesu" Sung in the Requiem of Composer Gabriel Fauré as a Beautiful Prayer for the Dead!

LISTEN to the Beautiful Soul Stirring "Pie Jesu" song by Fauré with stunning imagery to remind you of eternal life! 
(Lyrics Below Video)
"Pie Jesu" (original Latin) is a song taken from the final verses of the hymn "Dies irae", and is often included in musical settings of the Requiem Mass as a motet. A requiem Mass is a special Mass for the dead.  This version was composed by the famous French composer Gabriel Fauré.
Here are the lyrics in Latin and English:
Pie Jesu Domine, Dona eis requiem. (×2) 
 Pie Jesu Domine, Dona eis requiem sempiternam. 
English: Pious Lord Jesus, Give them rest. Pious Lord Jesus, Give them everlasting rest. 
Gabriel Urbain Fauré lived from 1845 – 1924 and was a French composer, organist, pianist and teacher.