Wow Pope Francis Invites 1,300 Poor to Lunch at the Vatican and 5,000 Families Receive Food Parcels for World Day of the Poor - VIDEO

On November 13, Pope Francis had lunch with the poor of Rome. The Pope invited 1, 300 poor of Rome on the World Day of the Poor, to dine in the Paul VI Hall inside the Vatican.
Assisted by Caritas Rome and the St. Egidio Community the special lunch was celebrating Sunday's annual World Day of the Poor.

The annual lunch took place thanks to the organization provided by the Section for Fundamental Questions of Evangelization in the World, part of the Dicastery for Evangelization. 
Italy's d'Amico SocietĂ  di Navigazione company sponsored the meal.
According to the local Catholic charity of Italy, Caritas Italiana, those living in poverty number 5.6 million in Italy, 1.4 million, of whom are children. Other initiatives at the Vatican coinciding with the World Day of the Poor included health services offered throughout the week in St. Peter's Square for the disadvantaged.

Those struggling with poverty often have difficulty or the impossibility of accessing medical care. The mobile clinic facilities in St. Peter's Square are providing medical checkups and medicines, including screening and treatments for HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis.
 The services have returned to the square after a two year halt due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. 
 Food parcels for 5,000 families are also being distributed via the network of parishes in Rome.
Parish priests requesting this help are receiving the assortment of food items to serve the families in their areas needing this help. Italy's Elite Supermarket chain donated the products totaling some 10 tons of pasta, 5 tons of rice, flour, sugar, salt and coffee, and five thousand liters of oil and milk. Each parcel brings together an assortment of food basics for households. 
 Finally, outreach to assist families struggling with high energy bills due worsened by rapid inflation in recent months is also being provided. Payments of gas and electric bills are being offered thanks to the generosity of Italy's insurance group, UnipolSai Assicurazioni.
Edited from Vatican News