#BreakingNews 20,000 at the Pro-Life March for Life in Malta

Malta is Pro-life: 20,000 people at the largest March for Life in many years. (This was the estimate from the organizing group) The government wants to weaken the strong pro-life law. But, the population does not want this. Bishops also took part in the largest rally on the island in many years. Malta is the only European country that fully protects unborn babies from abortion.
It was led by former president Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, Malta’s top Catholic bishop and the leader of the conservative opposition, residents of the island nation say they want it to remain one of the only countries in Europe to protect babies from abortions. “We are here to be the voice of the unborn child,” said 19-year-old university student Maria Formosa, one of the speakers at the rally.
The Catholic bishops of Malta have joined a growing throng of opposition to a bill that could legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions for basically any reason in the small European nation. In a message last week, Malta Archbishop Charles Scicluna, Gozo Bishop Anton Teuma and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi urged lawmakers to respect the dignity of every human being, born and unborn, Malta Today reports. 
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According to media reports, 20,000 people demonstrated in Malta on December 4th, against a change in clear pro-life legislation. Bishops also took part in the largest rally on the island in many years. The protest is directed against a plan by the Ministry of Health to rule out penalties for doctors who perform an abortion for up to four years in certain circumstances. The Catholic Church, the opposition and some non-governmental organizations have spoken out against the move. It is feared that this is only a first step towards making it possible to kill unborn children in Malta. Sources: Facebook Page of 
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