Christmas Miracle in Ukraine as 2 Rockets Hit a Church but Fail to Explode Saving the People Inside!

Christmas miracle in Kherson. Two rockets hit a church and did not explode. The Catholic church was full of people and children at the time, but the rockets did not explode.   One fell and broke in two, the other got stuck in the wall.  On the eve of Christmas, December 24, the Russians shelled the center of Kherson. This was is reported by CREDO with reference to the website of the RCC in Ukraine. Archbishop Stanislav Shirokoradiuk, Ordinary of the Odesa-Simferopol Diocese, mentioned this during the Christmas Vigil Mass.
 The prelate mentioned the shelling of Kherson, which took place the day before, saying that he has already recorded many different miraculous cases that are happening everyday on their land. 
 "God is in charge. One shoots, and God controls that rocket... — There are many Catholics who fast every Friday on bread and water for victory, for their soldiers. On Friday, there was a very strong shelling of Kherson. After that, our priest calls and says: imagine, 2 missiles flew into the church. Everyone was in the church - people were cleaning: children, women, two priests. They were preparing for Christmas and... none of these rockets exploded, leaving only holes in the roof. One fell and split in two, and the other got stuck in the wall. None exploded. Isn't this the grace of God? That is, if we pray, if we trust in God, God controls those rockets," Archbishop Shirokoradiuk emphasized and encouraged trust of God. On December 24, 10 people died and 55 were injured in Kherson due to Russian shelling.
Archbishop Shirokoradiuk is a Latin Catholic bishop of Odessa-Simferopol. 
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