Croatia Wins World Cup Semi-Finals and Their Coach Prays the Rosary for his Team and Entrusts all to God!

World Cup football (soccer) coach Zlatko Dalic, for the Croatian team, is a devout Catholic who prays the Rosary, even during the matches. The Croatian football team reached the World Cup final on December 9th, after beating Brazil. The team's coach is considered the coaching discovery of the World Cup. Dalic is a devout Catholic who prays the rosary every day. Even during a game he has the rosary always with him. In an interview he mentioned his faith; "Everything I've achieved in my life and in my career, I owe my faith, I'm very grateful to the Lord," he told Croatian radio stations. "If a man loses hope, then he must rely on the merciful God and our faith."
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From an early age he was a minister in the Franciscan church near home in Livno.  Dalic said in an interview with Glas Koncila, the unofficial weekly of the Archdiocese of Zagreb, Each of us, in one way or another carries his cross. Difficult moments come, and man does not have to give up, let himself sink, fall. However, "only with faith can man return more qualitatively on the right path. It is necessary to carry the cross in the most dignified way possible, to carry it with strength and strength. In situations that seem to be without a solution, there is a solution, but it is necessary to believe" Now, he says, "I understand that man must consecrate himself to the family and not just run after work and money". He affirms that "God is present daily in my family and in my life, ... and for all that he has done in my life I can thank the faith and the good God". When in pictures Dalic sometimes takes a rather strange pose, that is, his right hand in his pocket and with his left hand he gives directions to his players. The coach provides the explanation: 
"The rosary is always with me, and when I feel a little rough, I put my hand in my pocket, clasp the rosary, and everything becomes simpler".  
Dalic explains that rosary he has with him, was blessed in Medjugorje (the place where he goes to pray), it is not for superstition, nor is it, in this case, a prayer to win the game. The squeezing in his hand is instead the sign with which he, through the intercession of Mary, entrusts himself with faith to the Lord in every moment of his life, also professional.