Pope Francis Made a Call to Console a Father whose Wife Died after Giving Birth to Twins on Christmas Day

Pope Francis made a phone call to the husband of woman who died after giving birth to twins.    Viviana Delego died after giving birth to twins: her husband wrote a letter to the doctors to thank them anyway. The pope called him to comfort him and his 6-year-old daughter. «It is difficult for me to break the silence, but I do it to echo the intimate joy savored on this day of the Lord's Christmas - reads the post by Fr. Donato Liuzzi who recalled Francis ' words of comfort and hope in the face of the suffering of Cofano family - together with our dearest Giacomo Cofano, tried by the death of his wife in the act of giving birth to twins»: Edoardo Maria and Emilia Maria. The same priest, after the death of the woman, had written to the Pontiff to entrust in prayer the missing mother and the family who faced and still faces days of endless pain. It should be remembered that before receiving the phone call from the Pope, Giacomo Cofano (the father), had also sent a letter of thanks to the medical and health personnel of the "Perrino" resuscitation department in Brindisi for "the commitment and humanity reserved for Viviana which make you real guardian angels".
On Christmas day, Pope Francis telephoned the husband of Viviana Delego, a 41-year-old woman who, after giving birth to twins at the Perrino hospital in Brindisi, died following very serious complications following the birth. The parish priest of Pezze di Greco, Fr. Donato Liuzzi, who knew the family well and therefore had previously sent a letter to inform the Pope of the difficult situation of Viviana and Giacomo who already had a daughter, recounted the phone call through a post on Facebook. 6-year-old Emma Maria.