Pope Francis Renews Call for All Men and Women of Goodwill to be Peacemakers!

 In a Vatican News report by Linda Bordoni, it was noted that  Pope Francis reiterated his urgent call to all men and women of goodwill to be peacemakers “because this is what we need today!”  Pope Francis sent a video message to members of the “Mensajeros de la Paz“ association which encourages them to pursue their message and work for peace. In a video message recorded this month during an audience with Father Ángel Garcia Rodriguez, founder and President of the “Mensajeros de la Paz“ association, the Pope encouraged operators and volunteers of the association to “help end conflicts so that peace may follow.“ “To all of you, brothers and sisters of the family of Mensajeros de la Paz, who carry a good message, not only in words, but in everything you do, [...] you create an atmosphere of love, you solve problems, and you know how to speak coherently with your works and with your heart. I congratulate you, keep going!” he said. Thanking them for being messengers of peace, the Pope noted that peace is a state of being, something that is established when conflict comes to an end.
 He said that world peace is in a sad state at this moment and called for peacemaking in all situations. “Also the smallest peace, the peace of the small towns, the peace of small families that need the peace of each person.” He invited the Messengers of Peace to “keep kicking up a fuss" because this is what we need today. Messengers of Peace The Mensajeros de la Paz is a non-governmental organization, founded in Spain in 1962 by Father Ángel García Rodríguez and Ángel Silva Sánchez. It works at a national and international level and has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, among other distinctions. It aims to promote human and social development of marginalized and vulnerable populations and is present in 75 countries across the world. 
Source: Vatican News