Powerful Prayers to the Holy Innocents - Novena to the Holy Innocents - Patrons of Babies, Abused Children and Children's Choirs

 The Holy Innocents are the children killed by King Herod; as he was trying to kill the baby Jesus. A novena is a powerful prayer said over 9 days. 
  • Patron of  Abused children, Foundlings, Babies, Children's choirs.
Novena Prayer to the Holy Innocents
“O Holy Innocents in the name of Jesus, for whom your blood was shed, pray for exploited and abused children. O Holy Innocents who, for the sake of the Christ Child your sacrifice was offered, intercede for the captive and suffering children. O Holy Innocents whose blood was sanctified by the precious blood of the Savior, preserve the purity and innocence of children and be their help and comfort.

Heavenly Father, I ask that you look with great mercy upon the peril of innocent children being violated in the world and deliver them from every evil. I beg your mercy through the sacrifice of the Holy Innocents and through the sacrificial love of your beloved Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Our Father, Three Hail Mary’s, Glory Be

Source: https://stfrancisnewtonparish.com/novena-to-the-holy-innocents/

Image: William_Holman_Hunt_-_The_Triumph_of_the_Innocents_-_Google_Art_Project