Wow Actor Shia LaBeouf in Revealing Interview Explains How God Touched his Soul during Filming of Padre Pio Movie!

During the filming of the Padre Pio movie actor Shia Labeouf went through a powerful conversion. This interview was made while he was filming but only released 2 weeks ago. He reveals in a newly released interview how God touched his soul. (WATCH the full interview from Youtube below) 

This is what the interviewer Sara di Lacovo wrote:

"Shia LaBeouf is a Hollywood actor who has changed his life dramatically, seeing these changes in person and talking with him face to face is something I will carry with me forever. I have never met anyone as empathetic as him, I learned so much from him and he gave me new hope."

In the interview, Shia explains: "I lost myself to narcissism and ego because it's easy to do in movies and then you believe that you're in control of things. You believe you're God; it's a dictatorial job to be a director. Its very easy to lose yourself and talk all kinds of crazy to people and treat people despicably and I was that person for a long time.  When, I look at it, young me, he was desperate to be a part of something a desperate to have glue. The film community every six months the family breaks up and then you start another family and it breaks up and you start another family and breaks up there. It's rare that you have like a family that sticks together and then when I go and I hang out with Padre Rafa or I hang out here you feel this bond.  I don't know they touch you, it feels like paternal, like they're gonna love you forever. You know that they don't have nothing to gain by lying to you and they look at you and they say I love you forever you believe in forever.   No one believes in forever, they believe, only in now, they don't believe. They believe in forever, yeah, religious people believe in forever; they believe in life Everlasting. In the rosary you say in the name of the Father the Son the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning and will be forever. Hail Mary; you know life everlasting, it's in the rosary all the time, they always talk about a life after this one, a love never ending, never ceasing ...."