Wow Boston Celtics Coach Joe Mazulla Surprises Reporters Saying he's Only Familiar with One Royal Family! Jesus, Mary and Joseph

The famous team Boston Celtics, has Interim Basketball Coach, Joe Mazulla, who is a devout Catholic, and he shocked reporters. Mazulla was asked, "Did you have a chance to meet the Royal Family?" He gave a shocking answer: "I'm only acquainted with one royal family."

This was after Prince William and Princess Kate's visit to the Celtics' basketball game against the Miami Heat. The Catholic NBA coach asked the reporter "Jesus, Mary and Joseph?" "I'm only familiar with one royal family and I don't know that much about the other." But he hopes that Kate and William are Celtic fans. 
The Boston Celtics are a Boston-based basketball team of the US professional league National Basketball Association. With 17 titles won, together with the Los Angeles Lakers, they are the most successful team in the NBA.