Wow FIFA Star Antoine Greizmann who Won Player of the Match Award says "By influence, I bathe in religion since childhood...."

France’s Antonie Griezmann won the player of the match award for his high-intensity performance against Morocco in the FIFA World Cup semifinal on December 14th. Antoine Griezmann started his career with Atlético Madrid and then the Team de France but also his faith.   Team France won the World Cup 2018 against Croatia with his help. Antoine was born on March 21, 1991 in Mâcon, France. Early in his career he was rejected by teams in France due to his small size. "By influence, I bathe in religion since childhood.... I continue, punctually, to light candles in the churches..."said Griezmann. Like some of his teammates his tattoos express faith; he has a tattoo of Jesus above a Christ the Redeemer statue, but also a set of rosary beads Rosary of the Virgin Mary, to whom he explains his mother often refers. His mother is a fervent Catholic. Antoine married his wife Erika Choperena from Spain in 2017. They have three children, named Mia, Amaro and Alba whom they recently baptized.   His sister, Maud, was miraculously freed from the Bataclan attack in France. Antoine Griezmann did not fail to thank "the one who is above ...".