Wow Pope Francis Donates his Watch for Charity and it Sets a World Record for Most Expensive Swatch Ever Sold!

The Pope Francis donated his Swatch watch to a charity auction. The proceeds are destined for the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation, LaViolette was a teenager who died in a swimming accident and loved watches. One of Brian's friends became a priest and thus, was able to connect with the Pope to ask for a watch donation. 
The bidding,  closed on November 30 and is sold for $56,250. The simple Swatch of the Pope was only worth about $55. 
The Pope has had this particular watch during most of his time as pontiff. 
Pope Francis often donates personal items and gifts to charity. He even established a charity raffle with many of the gifts he had received. The donations went to the homeless. In 2018 he donated a gift he received of a customized Lamborghini. It sold for $741,00 and the money was donated to different charities.