Wow Pope Francis meets with Oscar Winning Actor Roberto Benigni of "Life Is Beautiful"

On December 7th, Pope Francis met with Italian actor Roberto Benigni. The encounter occurred before the General Audience on Wednesday. The Pope met privately with  the Italian actor and director, Roberto Benigni, who received an Oscar for the internationally acclaimed 1997 film "Life Is Beautiful." In 1998, the Vatican invited Benigni to a viewing of that film together with Saint Pope John Paul II.
Benigni exclaimed: This is Francis! It's Francis! This is the most beautiful moment. The most joyful. The brightest. Look at the light he radiates.
Pope Francis: Don't exaggerate. Come on, don't exaggerate.
Benigni: How can I not exaggerate? 
 Pope Francis said: -I am honored by your visit.
Benigni said: I'm honored that you're seeing me. I must tell you that my wife, Nicoletta, says hello. -Forgive my lack of humility. But this is just me making a show about St. Francis. And I say a show because his life is a show. You know it well. You are a Jesuit, but your name is Francis. -He imitated Jesus like no one else. 
-I would say so. 
-Yes, I'm saying that. In fact, he marries poverty—Jesus' wife—who had been a widow for a thousand years.
Pope Francis gave Benigni one of his books and a medal celebrating the ninth year of his pontificate. After their meeting, the two said goodbye with an embrace. 
 -All my best, Holiness. We're praying for you.