Wow US Church Creates Notre Dame Gingerbread Cathedral Replica with over 400 Edible pieces of Gingerbread!

A Church in Missouri decided to honor Notre Dame Cathedral with gingerbread replica.
The historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France burnt down 3 years ago.

Several members of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Weston, Missouri created a large replica of the cathedral out of gingerbread, and it's almost all edible.

Lisa Stiffler said, "It all started about three years ago when Father Steven Rogers asked us to recreate our church in gingerbread."

The following year, Stiffler said Rogers asked her to create the Vatican out of gingerbread.

So this year, it only seemed right to honor Notre Dame.

Stiffler, her husband, and another church member began the process in September. They started by using a one-foot, 3D puzzle to get an idea of the cathedral's design.

Stiffler multiplied those dimensions by eight and created the structure out of cardboard first then baked 400 to 450 pieces of gingerbread to match the pieces.

In total, the creation took about 450 pounds of ingredients and 50 batches of gingerbread.

Stiffler said it took a lot of work over the last month but seeing the final product makes it all worth it.

“It’s just a feel-good project,” Stiffler said. “I think so many people are going to get joy out of it, and honestly while we were making it we got such a sense of accomplishment.”

From the doorknobs to the flying buttresses, there's no shortage of detail. The design utilizes pretzels for railings, chocolate for gargoyles, chocolate crispies for landscaping, and it has more than 100 "stained glass" windows made from melted jolly ranchers. It also has more than 500 LED lights.

The final product will be on display for the church’s European dinner
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