Wow WATCH Live Action's Spectacular New Pro-Life Short 4 Min. Movie "Along for the Ride" with Amazing Imagery of a Baby and its Parents!

Live Action just released an amazing state of the art new video highlighting the life of a child inside the womb and from the moment she comes into her parents’ lives from the moment of fertilization. 
 The video follows a young couple throughout their days — walking on the pier and Christmas shopping — as they unknowingly spend those moments with their newly created baby. State of the art imagery displays their baby’s presence, as she is growing and living right alongside them. 
WATCH the Full 4 Min. Short Film below:

Their two distinct lives are intertwined from the beginning — two heartbeats, two lives, living in sync with each other. 
As you watch you experience the baby's perspective from conception, at six weeks, about the time a woman first learns she is pregnant. Already her baby’s heartbeat can finally be detected by doctors, but it has been beating since about 21 days after fertilization. By seven weeks, her baby’s heart has four chambers and has nearly completed its development. 
 On Christmas morning, the new mother gifts her husband with baby shoes, and together they experience the joys and emotions of knowing that they are now parents. As they embrace, their baby touches her small hands and fingers together. 

As the mother tells her parents the news of their new grandbaby while painting her toenails, the baby can be seen wiggling her own toes in the womb. And as the new mother exercises, her baby is along for the bike ride — bouncing around inside of her mother. 
At about 16 weeks, her mother can finally feel her daughter’s kicks and tumbles. The baby is cruising along with her parents right into the Fourth of July, and as they celebrate the day with fireworks, the baby senses the flashing lights of those fireworks and reacts to them. And as the couple prepares the nursery, the mother sings to her baby, who sucks her thumb and sleeps safely inside her mother’s womb. There, for every moment. At 24 weeks, babies are capable of blink-startle responses. Though they have yet to meet face to face, their baby is with them for weeks and months — along for the ride with them throughout their days. She isn’t “tissue.” She isn’t simply a “fetus.” She is a unique human being — their child — from the moment she was conceived. And at her birth, she is the same person she was just moments before and months before. She is bigger, stronger, and ready to experience life with her parents on this side of the womb. But she is the same child as she always was, right from fertilization.
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