Catholic Bishops of Bolivia Concerned with New Government Issued Childrens' School Curriculum with "ideological impositions"

 In the South American country of Bolivia, a new curriculum was declared at the end of 2022 by the Ministry of Education. On January 3rd, Ministerial Resolution 001/2023 was issued and a press conference was held with Fr. Pedro Flores indicating concerns of the Catholic community.

Before the Curricular proposal for School Management 2023, the Catholic Church sees with deep concern that the contents of this "New Mesh Curricular" seriously compromise the few achievements, achievements and efforts carried out in the last two school administrations. We think that's how it is Curricula, does not prioritize Educational Quality and was defined unilaterally, by not count on the contribution and reflection of the institutions that work in education.
The public demonstrations made by the Federations of Teachers and Parents is a sign that the issue was not well worked. Subnational institutions that are also part of this issue, such as the Governments and Municipalities are not clear about the responsibility they must assume with this "New Curriculum" in topics such as the provision of Materials technical and school Even less, in the construction and improvement of necessary infrastructures for this curricular development.
We are seriously concerned about the inclusion of topics that are specific to the jurisdiction within the family, in the curricular contents, affecting rights fundamental, which, when treated without a family, affective and adequate emotional, it only produces confusion and disorientation. This is the case of the contents of "Comprehensive Sexual Education" present in all plans educational, from Initial to Secondary.
This determination in the Curricula worryingly violates the right and responsibility of Parents to Educate their children in Love for life. And they opted for the construction of a depersonalized society and utilitarian with deeply individual ends.
As the Catholic Church, we cannot remain only as observers of a process that profoundly affects families and society. Of that In this way, we ask the Ministry of Education to review and attend to the requests that the Teachers and Parents have already done. So we also encourage that Parents, Teachers and Students have a critical sense, based on principles and values, not on ideological impositions alien to the field of Scientific and Human Education. Well, education should be subject to the truth and not to ideological manipulation. 
 We ask God to give us the gift of Wisdom and through the intercession of Our Mother Mary Help of Christians we can have an Educational Management 2023 successful and respectful of rights.
Bolivian Episcopal Conference