Pope Francis Meets with Archbishop Georg Gänswein who Revealed he was Ordered to Completely Destroy Benedict XVI's Private Notes

Archbishop Georg Gänswein was received by Pope Francis in a private audience on January 9th. This was communicated by the Holy See press office. However, no details were given about the meeting.
It was also revealed that Gänswein, who was the former secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, was given the order to completely destroy his private notes. This was related by the long-time private secretary of the former pontiff who died on December 31st. A new book by Gänswein that is due to be published in Italy next week explained the directive. Accordingly, the Pope Emeritus (2005-2013) ordered the destruction of all his private notes in writing, "without exception and without loopholes," said Gänswein. 
Archbishop Gänswein's book "Nient'altro che la verita" (English: Nothing but the truth) is set to be published on January 12 by the Italian publisher Piemme. A similar arrangement had also been given by Benedict's predecessor, John Paul II (1978-2005). However, his private secretary Stanislaw Dziwisz ignored this because he wanted to preserve important private records of the late pope for historical research. 
 Gänswein also reports in the book that he received precise instructions from the late emeritus-Pope as to who he should give what to, especially from his library, from his book manuscripts to documents from the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and correspondence . In addition, Benedict XVI left instructions regarding his material inheritance, for which he appointed him, Gänswein, as executor. The Pope emeritus updated the relevant instructions several times, the last time in 2021. This is only about the private documents, not about officially created during his time as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith or as Pope. 
Source: https://www.infocatolica.com/?t=noticia&cod=45345