Thief Attempts Robbery at a Church but is Injured by its St. Michael the Archangel Statue

 At dawn, an intruder wanted to break into a church to rob, but in his attempt, he bumped into the statue of an angel and injured his neck with his sword.
Carlos Alonso Sánchez, 32, suffered a penetrating neck injury that caused him to be taken to the University Hospital.
Around 2:00 a.m., the mobilization was recorded in the Cristo Rey Parish, located at the intersection of Villagrán and Reforma, in downtown Monterrey.
Municipal police officers, UMT Ambulance paramedics and Monterrey Civil Protection rescuers arrived at the scene.
The suspect allegedly entered with the idea of stealing and reportedly was intoxicated with alcohol, but on the way, already inside the parish, he tripped and wounded himself in the neck with the angel's sword.
Sánchez was left lying in the front patio, to one side of the fence that protects the church, being unable to jump over the fence, for which he asked some pedestrians for help from inside.
The rescuers and paramedics who treated him assured that the injured man refused to be transferred to a hospital in an ambulance, so some officers were the ones who took him in a patrol car.