Wow Football Quarterback Josh Allen Tells Team "God’s real" after Recovery of Teammate Damar Hamlin

The US Football team, Buffalo Bills, played a special game on January 8th. This was just less than a week after their safety athlete Damar Hamlin collapsed and went into cardiac arrest during a football game. The Bills returned to the field and won against the New England Patriots. (SEE Video Below)
The world joined in prayer for Damar Hamlin who is now doing better.
The players honored Hamlin by wearing his number "3", teammate Josh Allen clearly saw God's intervention since it had also been three years and three months since that last kickoff return.
The quarterback Josh Allen said,
“It was just spiritual … I was going around my team and saying, ‘God’s real,'” Allen said. “You can’t draw that one, write that one up any better.” He continued, as he became emotional, “It’s been three years and three months since the last kickoff return.”
 “You want the truth? It was spiritual. It really was,” he said. “Bone-chilling. It was special. I can’t remember a play that touched me like that in my life.” Source: CBN News


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Josh Allen, the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday in which he said that God had helped his teammate Damar Hamlin recover from cardiac arrest during a football game..Hamlin responded with another tweet saying: "Thank you so much brother! I'm excited to get back out there with you guys! God is real!" He also recommends to visit website where we can read the feedback of the people who have played casino games on a particular site.
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