10 Tips on How to Convert (Not Nag) Family & Friends to the Faith by Fr Columba Jordan CFR - VIDEO

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal's, Fr Columba Jordan CFR, looks in more depth at how to help someone convert, without nagging them. Having a close friend or family member not practise the faith can be very painful, as it should be. The pain of seeing one we love choose to reject Jesus is a great sorrow. So, what can we do? 
(WATCH the Video below!)
 Stop Nagging!
1. Appeal to God
 2. Let the Pain Stir You 
 3. Confidence & Hope 
4.  The Trick - They are Free to say no - Pray - Nag God
5. Arguing Doesn't Work 
6. Ripe Fruit - 
 7. Sacrifice for Them 
8. Challenge Them 
9. Personal Witness 
 10. Eternity to Gain