Catholic Missionary Priest Badly Injured after Car hits Mine and Explodes - Please Pray for 71-year-old Father Norberto Pozzi

A 71-year-old Carmelite missionary  was injured when a mine exploded on the Bozoum-Bocaranga highway, in the northwest of the Central African Republic. "On Friday afternoon, February 10, Father Norberto was on his way from Bozoum to Bouar when, some 22 km from Bozoum, the car he was traveling in hit a mine," says Father Gazzera. “There were 5 other people, a French confrere and 4 Central African helpers in the Toyota Land Cruiser in addition to the Italian missionary. The confrere suffered minor injuries while a carpenter who is also a catechist suffered a fractured his shoulder". "The most serious injuries were suffered by Father Norberto," continues the missionary. "The explosion affected his lower limbs. His left leg suffered very serious injuries..."
"Father Norberto is on his way to Italy," says Father Aurelio Gazzera, a confrere of the 71-year-old Italian Carmelite missionary Norberto Pozzi, who was injured in a land mine explosion on the Bozoum-Bocaranga road, in the north-west of the Central African Republic. "Father Norberto is expected to fly from Kampala to Amsterdam today, February 21st, and finally arrive in Bologna tomorrow," Father Aurelio continued. About the current state of health of the injured missionary, Father Aurelio says: "Unfortunately, he is not well. After a first operation in the UN hospital in Central Africa, our confrere was transferred to Kampala, where the doctors noticed that the foot bone was completely destroyed and the tissue in necrosis and had to amputate his left foot.
Now a new operation with another amputation above the ankle has become necessary. But since the operation is very complicated, a decision was reached to transfer him to Italy". Edited from 2 reports by Source: