Wow University Students Build Annual Ice Chapel Celebrating Holy Mass in the Snow and Cold - VIDEO


Students at Michigan Technological University build a chapel made out of ice and snow to celebrate Mass in the snow every year. This year's chapel even has  “stained ice windows” built by students. 
(Photo: Facebook page of St. Albert the Great Catholic Campus Ministry at MTU)  WATCH Video:
The Michigan engineering school began in 2016, under Rev. Ben Hasse during the winter carnival week. The students, who also belong to St. Albert the Great University Parish, entered a contest in 2015, of ice sculpting. They carved St. Peter’s Basilica and won the contest.  Then in 2016, the idea for the snow chapel gained popularity. The entire construction of the ice chapel is student-led and allows students to grow in their faith.  The chapel is made of many snow/ice bricks. The chapel is located in the church parking lot. The construction process takes several weeks and the help of dozens of students. The students also built snow pews. Some creative stained snow "glass" window include Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Spirit using food coloring. Many students attend the snow Masses regularly.