#BreakingNews 3 Young Faithful Catholic Opus Dei Members Die in a Tragic Road Accident

Three young Opus Dei die in Cameroon, Africa as they were preparing a volunteer program. Arnaud, Pierre and Eric died in a minibus accident and eight other people from the same center were injured, including a Spanish priest. The news was sent via WhatsApp messages and saw thousands prayers offered from around the world. They were getting a job camp ready in Bayangam, West Cameroon. This July young people from a center of the Opus Dei in Youndé would turn over to helping in the needs of the inhabitants of that town of 13,000 inhabitants. Thirteen people were returning after three days to prepare the camp.
The accident occurred on Sunday March 5th in Konyambeta village, near Bafia town. Three of the 13 passengers of the minibus died, eight others were hospitalized. Among them, several Spaniards: Fr. Alfonso Hontañón, priest of Gijón, and Alfonso Cabrera, a Cordobese director of the work center who presented that voluntary service.
It was a father of several of the injured young people, who traveled behind in a car, who saw everything that happened and organised the transfer of the boys to the hospital, who have been discharged in the following days.  
Eric Bella (30 years old), died at the scene. "He had started working at Azobe school six months ago. Arnaud, age 27, was an agronomical engineer. He passed away on arrival to the hospital.  The third deceased is Pierre Ngassa, a senior high school student, he died in Yaoundé where an ambulance had taken him.