#BreakingNews Government of Nicaragua Cancels John Paul II Catholic University

The Government of Nicaragua, through the Ministry of the Interior, canceled two other Nicaraguan private universities on Tuesday, bringing the total to 19 outlawed since December 2021, including 7 of foreign origin, and ordered the confiscation of their movable and immovable property.

The new canceled study centers are the John Paul II Catholic University and the Autonomous Christian University of Nicaragua (UCAN), both registered as associations. The JPII university issued a statement to its students - see below.
The new study centers canceled are the Juan Pablo II University and the Autonomous Christian University of Nicaragua (UCAN), both registered as associations, according to an agreement of the Ministry of the Interior, published in the Official Gazette, La Gaceta.

According to the agreement of the Ministry of the Interior, which is in charge of the control and registration of NGOs, the associations of both universities failed to comply with the laws that regulate them.

The Juan Pablo II University, registered since August 26, 2004, has its headquarters in Managua and branches in Chontales (center), Matagalpa (north) and Granada (southwest).
Also, 26 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were outlawed by the head of the Interior of that country, María Amelia Coronel, according to seven ministerial agreements published in the Official Gazette of Nicaragua.

With the closure of these 26 NGOs, there are more than 3,300 organizations of this type dissolved after the popular protests that broke out in April 2018. 
Greetings in Christ.
On behalf of our higher authorities, we inform you that, with much
surprise and deep sadness, we received the news of the cancellation of our
legal status, published in La Gaceta, Official Gazette, on March 7, two thousand twenty-three, issued by the Ministry of the Interior through the minister, Mrs. Maria Amelia Colonel Kinloch.
Our University remains attentive to the guidelines for the transition to
corresponding government authorities and initiate the processes as
We will be in permanent communication with our educational community,
informing of the procedures to follow in the orderly transfer of our house
study to the authorities.
Let us not forget that the Lord is the owner of our history, and that in moments more adverse he He he has sustained us and will continue to do so. Nolite Timere.
Statement Source: https://www.ucjps.edu.ni/ and Combined reports from 100% Noticias - https://www.facebook.com/UJPSManagua