Pope Francis Prays for the Nearly 300 People Killed and Hundreds Injured by a Cyclone in Malawi and Mozambique in Africa

Nearly 300 people have been killed and hundreds injured by a Cyclone in Malawi and Mozambique in Africa. At the end of his General Audience, Pope Francis said, "I am close to the people of Malawi, hit in recent days by a very strong cyclone."  Tropical Cyclone Freddy, has killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands more in the landlocked southeastern African nation.

“I pray for the dead, the injured, the displaced. May the Lord support the families and communities most tried by this calamity.”
Freddy has been battering Mozambique and Malawi since late last week.
According to the Associated Press, the cyclone, now set to be the longest ever, is expected to move away from land Wednesday, bringing some relief to regions that have been ravaged by torrential rain and powerful winds.
According to Reuters, the storm has killed at over 270 people in the African nations.
A regional cyclone monitoring center on the island of Réunion projects that Freddy will move back out to sea by late Wednesday afternoon.
Over 700 are injured and 41 people are still missing.
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