Wow New Disney Film with Pope Francis and 10 Youth - The Pope Answers - as the Pope Responds to Controversial Questions - WATCH the Trailer!

Disney is releasing a new documentary film with Pope Francis and 10 Youth. In English, the title is "The Pope Answers" and it will be released by the Hulu platform. In Spain, it will be released on Disney +. In the film the Pope responds to the sometimes controversial questions ten young people ages 20-25.

The youth from all over the world meet in Rome with Pope Francis, with the aim of talking and conveying to him the main concerns of their generation. What awaits them is an unprecedented meeting, a face-to-face conversation, and a unique event. In this talk, guided by the young people's own questions, they will address such important issues for today's youth as migration, sexuality, gender identity, or religious freedom. #ThePopeAnswers is streaming, in English, on April 5th only on Hulu.

The Spanish title is “AMEN. Francisco responds”, and it will arrive on April 5 exclusively on Disney+ under the STAR brand. The original special, directed by Jordi Évole and Màrius Sánchez, focuses on the meeting that the current leader of the Catholic Church has with ten young people of different ages, origins and with very different lives and experiences.

This is an exceptional and exclusive moment never before recorded by a camera: a close and honest conversation between one of the most influential people in the world and ten Spanish-speaking young people between the ages of 20 and 25.

Outside the walls of the Vatican, in his talk with these young people, the Pope addresses issues such as feminism, the role of women in the Church, abortion, loss of faith, homosexuality, abuse in the Church, racism , or bullying, among others.

The meeting between the Pope and the ten selected young people took place last June 2022 in Pigneto, one of the most alternative neighborhoods in Rome. The Pope speaks without reservation and the result of this exceptional meeting is an intense and dynamic conversation based on empathy, curiosity, respect and mutual learning.

A meeting that Pope Francis himself valued and thanked the young people in this way: “I learned a lot from you in this pastoral meeting. I thank you for the good you have done me."

For Évole and Sánchez, directors of the original special, this work has been "a unique opportunity to bring together two worlds that normally do not touch, to make one of the most influential people in the world dialogue with a group of young people whose lives sometimes collide directly with the postulates of the Church. And it has been an act of great generosity, both on the part of Pope Francis and on the part of the ten young people”.

“That Pope Francis sits down to dialogue with young people who are on the periphery of the Catholic Church with this honesty and closeness gives enormous value to this original special. It was a unique meeting and we are very proud to be able to discover it to the world,” said Sofía Fábregas, vice president of production for Disney+ in Spain.