#BreakingNews Over 120,000 at Pro-Life and Pro-Family March in Peru


In Peru, with joy and overflowing emotions, more than one hundred and twenty thousand people participated this Saturday, April 15, in the Corso for Life and Family, convened by the Regional Coordinator for Life (CORVIDA) from 3:30 pm. The initial concentration was at Plaza Mayta Cápac - Miraflores, where the initial speech was given encouraging the thousands who walked the main streets of the historic center culminating with a festive walkway in Plaza de Armas.

Guadalupe Valdez, president of CORVIDA, stressed that the event is "a celebration that seeks to affirm, promote and protect the value of every person and every human life. The crises that we have gone through in recent years have shown us that the institution in which we find greatest support in times of difficulty is the family," he said.

This statement is reaffirmed in the ENF 2022 National Family Survey, in which more than 64% of Peruvians, claim that they hold themselves in the family circle to get ahead and value their members.

"For the most valuable thing we have: life and family, we give everything! ”, is the motto of the current edition of the Corso that, since 2006, is carried out in the framework of the Day of the Child by Born, March 25. "This Corso is not against anyone, it is a celebration that on the contrary seeks to affirm, promote and protect the value of every person and every human life," said the spokeswoman. On your behalf, Mons. Javier Del Rio Alba, Archbishop of Arequipa, was invited by the organizers to give a few words about this celebration on the stage that was placed on the Portal of Saint Agustíne: "It is a joy to reunite families, young people, adults, children, mothers, in these delegations that say yes to life from our beloved Arequipa, after two years of not being able to do so in person, but through networks and last year rolling, it is very encouraging to see that thousands and thousands celebrate the gift of life and family."

SAFETY AND CLEANLINESS. In the making of this demonstration that lasted beyond 7 p.m., safety measures were taken for the families, children, teenagers and adults who participated. Among the institutions that integrated the groups were civil, cultural and artistic associations; municipalities; educational institutions and workshops; health clinics, artisan guilds, private companies and institutions that work for children, women and the family. At the end of the detachments there were squads of people who collaborated with the waste collection.

COW. The Regional Coordinator for Life is made up of: Association "Life and Family", "Doctors for Life", "Ethics and Law", "Promote and Human Rights", "Hope Project", "Young Life", "Communication and Dialogue" and the citizen platform "Save the Two", among others.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/CorVidaFam