Pope Francis Entrusts his Visit to Hungary to Our Lady by Praying at the Church of St Mary Major

Pope Francis went to the Basilica of St Mary Major before his next Apostolic Journey to Budapest, Hungary.

The Pope has visited the Basilica of St Mary Major more than 100 times since his papacy began. On April 26th he went again of his 41st Apostolic Journey outside of Italy.

The Pope will travel from the 28th-30th of April, for a visit.

During the Regina Coeli this past Sunday, he noted that this Journey completes a previous visit to Budapest, in mid-September 2021, when he attended the International Eucharistic Congress being held in the city.

During his visit to St Mary Major on Wednesday, the Holy Father prayed before the image of Mary, “Salus Populi Romani” (Salvation of the Roman People), an icon held in great veneration by Romans.

According to the Holy See Press Office, Pope Francis, seated in his wheelchair, prayed for a few moments in silence before the image of the blessed Virgin. After invoking her protection for the upcoming Journey, the Holy Father returned immediately to the Vatican.

Source: Vatican News with Screenshot from Vatican Media