Pope Francis Presides at Easter Sunday Mass Outdoors with Over 45,000 Faithful with Prayers for Peace and Thousands of Flowers from Holland - FULL VIDEO

Pope Francis presided over Easter Sunday Mass on April 9th, 2023.
 This is when the Church celebrates the most joyous day of the liturgical year. Concelebrating were 300 priests, 15 bishops, and 31 cardinals with Pope Francis’ at the Easter Sunday Mass. Cardinal Battista Re celebrated at the altar due to Francis’ health ailments. 
Vatican News reports that there were over 45,000 faithful at the Mass. The Vatican square was decorated by tens of thousands of flowers from the Netherlands, which adorned the steps leading up to the Vatican Basilica. This continues an annual tradition begun in 1985; 38 years old. 
 Pope Francis presided over the Mass on the Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord, better known as Easter Sunday.
(The Mass starts at the 9:00 Mark on the Video below)  

The Pope did not deliver a homily at the Sunday morning Mass, since he had already delivered his reflections the night before. At the Easter Vigil Mass, Pope Francis had reflected on the surprise and joy of the women who visited the tomb where Jesus had been laid. Instead of Jesus’ lifeless body, the women found an empty tomb and an angel who told them that He had been raised from the dead.
The Gospel reading of John 20:1-9, was proclaimed in Latin and Greek. While the “Resurrexit” was sung, deacons opened the sides of the icon of the Holy Savior beside the altar.
Despite spending three nights in hospital to receive treatment for bronchitis and being discharged only on 1 April, Pope Francis has presided over nearly every public engagement on his schedule. The only event he followed from his home at the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta was the Way of the Cross held at Rome’s Colosseum on Good Friday. The Holy See Press Office had announced the Pope would not attend due to the harsh cold.
Edited from Vatican News