#BreakingNews Catholic Archbishop Faustino Armendariz is Attacked with a Knife in a Mexico Cathedral by an Elderly Man

An elderly adult tried to kill with a white knife the bishop of Durango, Faustino Armendariz, inside the Durango Cathedral.
The attack occurred on Sunday, May 21st, after Mass, local authorities confirmed, who reported that the elderly adult approached the priest with the intention of killing him when he was in the sacristy of the Cathedral, after the Sunday Mass.
The archbishop after the attack said that while he was talking to a child the older adult pulled him by his left arm violently and asked if he was the bishop, and suddenly extended his arm to stab him with a knife in his hand, rubbing him in the ribs.

However, the archbishop escaped unharmed and later thanked God for the protection he received.
Subsequently, the older adult was subdued until police arrived then handed him over to authorities.
The people have demanded justice and greater security in the churches, because of similar situations.
The Catholic Bishops of Mexico expressed their solidarity with the archbishop and the faithful:
At the Mexican Episcopal Conference, we express our solidarity and repudiation of the attack against Monsignor Faustino Armendáriz Jimenez, Archbishop of Durango, that happened yesterday in the Durango Cathedral.
We reject any form of violence and bigotry, and call on promoting dialogue and reconciliation as means to resolve our differences.