#BreakingNews Historic Bon Pasteur Monastery in Montreal, Canada on Fire for Over 24 Hours

A historic monastery in Montreal, Québec, Canada, destroyed by fire. The the Bon-Pasteur monastery on May 25th was covered in smoke and required over 150 firefighters.

The monastery was being used as a home for the elderly and about 40 of them were evacuated.

The Bon-Pasteur chapel, a historic building, was constructed in 1846.

The building was being used as a residence for seniors and numerous offices, including those of Héritage Montréal, an organization dedicated to defending heritage.

The fire took over 40 hours to contain, due to the aging materials, by the Montreal Fire Department (SIM) and its approximately 150 firefighters.

No one is missing or injured in the fire, assured Robert Rousseau, spokesperson for the SIM. 

The historic Chapelle du Bon-Pasteur is recognized as one of Montreal's prestigious performance halls.

Source: La Presse