May the Faith be with You! How #StarsWars helps Faith in God - 5 Ways to SHARE - Interview with George Lucas

George Lucas made the movie Star Wars to teach the new generation about spirituality mainly good and evil. There are thus, many biblical themes and religious truths in his movies. On May 4th. in popular culture, people recall the phrase from the movie, "May the force be with you." This phrase was inspired by a blessing in Christian churches "Peace be with you."
1. The reality of an invisible higher power, like God, who is able to produce miracles.
2. The call : or vocation to serve the higher power. Luke is a simple boy but is called by Obi-Wan to learn the ways of the Force.
3. Existence of Good and Evil: There is a definite power of Good and refusal to rely on the Force leads to the void of Evil. The force seems to resemble the Holy Spirit.
4. Redemptive sacrifice is evident in the film when characters try to save people from the darkness which involves suffering and sacrifice. For example: Obi-Wan allows himself be killed by Darth Vader to free Luke, and the others can live. But, death results in a resurrection and the good appear as spirits after they die.
5. Conversion: despite the power that evil can have over someone’s soul, there is always good somewhere. Conversions and redemption are possible even during the last stages of life. Luke tells his father, Darth Vader: “I feel the good in you.” This faith brings Darth Vader back, and he becomes good again.