Wow a 9-Year-Old Starts his own Podcast "Kid's Bible in a Year with Teddy" Inspired by Fr. Mike Schmitz!

A 9-year-old boy, named Teddy Howell, a third-grader at St. Charles Borromeo Academy in Newport, has created his own podcast. It was inspired by Fr. Mike Schmitz's popular podcast, "The Bible in a Year."  However, Teddy's podcast is for younger listeners. So far, he's produced several episodes of his own "Kid's Bible in a Year with Teddy." 

When he grows up, St. Charles Borromeo parishioner and third grader Teddy Howell wants to be a priest. At 9 years old, he already has achieved one of those goals with the recent launch of his podcast: “Kid’s Bible In A Year with Teddy.”

In each 10-minute episode, released Sundays and Wednesdays, Teddy leads his listeners in prayer and through a series of Bible verses.

It's inspired by Fr. Mike Schmitz’s chart-topping podcast, "The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)."

Although Teddy, the oldest of six children, wanted to listen to Fr. Schmitz's podcast along with his parents, however, he wasn't allowed since, the series contains some material that isn't suitable for young children, said Teddy's mother.
Steffi Howell, Teddy's mother, said her son chose to start his own podcast to inspire other children to pray and read the Bible. When he grows up, Teddy said he wants to be a podcasting priest like Fr. Mike Schmitz. 

Teddy writes his own scripts, including an intro, prayer, Bible verses he wants to highlight, and a conclusion to each episode. His parents help him and he records each episode using a microphone hooked up to his father's computer or his mother’s cellphone.

Young Teddy, has listeners in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Great Britain.

“I love God … and I want to grow in the virtue of God with other kids,” said Teddy, who attends St. Charles Borromeo Academy in Newport.

Although Teddy’s podcast is geared toward other children, he thinks it could benefit adults as well.

“(If adults listen to it) maybe if they're not Catholic, they could become Catholic,” Teddy added.

Already, Teddy’s grandmother opts to listen to Teddy over Fr. Schmitz because she appreciates the short length and doesn’t like the “nitty gritty,” said Steffi Howell.

“I like to read about the Bible, and I pray,” Teddy said. “If you want to follow me, you can subscribe if you want.”

Subscribe and listen to Teddy’s podcast, "Kid’s Bible In A Year with Teddy" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast hosting platforms.

Source Detroit Catholic