LISTEN to One of the Most Beautiful and Famous Hymns to the Holy Trinity Sung by Choir and Organ with Lyrics!

One of the Most Famous Hymns for Trinity Sunday - O God, almighty Father -  This song in it original language was German and was known as Gott Vater sei gepriesen from 1838 in Limburg. The translator of the text to English Irvin M. Udulutsch. It's Meter: with refrain. The sheet music for this beautiful hymn can be found here:
FULL Lyrics
1 O God, almighty Father,  Creator of all things,
The heavens stand in wonder, While earth your glory sings.
Refrain: O most holy Trinity, Undivided unity, Holy God, mighty God,
God immortal, be adored!
2 O Jesus, Word incarnate, Redeemer most adored,
All glory, praise, and honor; Be yours, O sovereign Lord. [Refrain]
3 O God, the Holy Spirit, Who lives within our soul,
Send forth your light and lead us To our eternal goal. [Refrain]