Saint June 17 : St. Hervé or Harvey who was Born Blind but Guided by a Wolf and was Able to Cure Animals

St Hervé (c 521–c 556) Hermit, Abbot, Musician and singer, miracle-worker, blind from birth – also known as Erveo, Harvey, Herveus, Hervues, Hervé, Houarniaule, Huva –
Born in: Guimiliau, Brittany, France or unknown location in Wales (sources vary) and died in c 556 to c 575 (sources vary) of natural causes.
St. Herve is Patron Saint of: the blind, bards, musician, guide dogs, invoked against eye problems and disease, invoked to cure sick horses.
Prayer in Honor of St. Hervé: My God who, for the edification and salvation of our souls, we have presented in Saint Hervé; the most perfect model of meekness and humility, put in our souls the imperious need to imitate him so that we can share his glory in heaven one day and love you with him for ever and ever. My God, through the intercession of Saint Hervé;, grant us the healing of this blind man. So be it. Saint Hervé; we beg you, intercede for us, pray for us. AMEN

St. Hervé was the son of a traveling bard, a member of the court of one of the Frankish kings. Hervé was born blind, in the early sixth century. Even though he lacked sight, Hervé lived with great joy. He took after his father and began to sing as a bard and troubadour. He lived near the French city of Plouvien as a hermit with his disciple and companion, Guiharan.
Hervé became famous for his power to cure animals—wild and tame—and he tamed a wolf that was prowling the surrounding countryside. Hervé is often shown with his wolf, as legend has it the beast accompanied him everywhere.

Once, Hervé's wolf devoured the ox that Hervé kept as a draft animal. The pious Hervé began to eloquently preach a sermon, begging the wolf to aid him in caring for the crops. From that day forward, the wolf took over for the ox in pulling the plow for Hervé. Hervé's community of disciples grew, and a peaceful community of poet-hermits tended their land outside Plouvien until Hervé died in 556 AD.
St. Hervé, who, even though blind, saw God's love in all creatures—pray for us!Source: