#BreakingNews a Group of Catholic Nuns Temporarily Abducted and Expelled by Nicaragua's Government

 A group of nuns, originally from Brazil, living in Nicaragua, called the Institute of the Poor of Jesus Christ, were temporarily abducted by the government then expelled. The Sisters are now safe in El Salvador.

-Lawyer Martha Patricia Molina  Tweeted:

The Sandinista Police entered as criminals at midnight yesterday at the house of the Sisters of the Poor Fraternity of Jesus Christ, they were going to leave the country soon. They were taken to an unknown destination. We don't know anything about them. I hope you respect their life and them...

The Sisters later Released an Official Text Statement:

Peace and good!

We want through this statement to express our gratitude for the seven years of mission in the lands of Nicaragua, we appreciate the welcome of the Church and the People during that time that our charism remained in the country serving the poor in their multiple faces. As our Sources cite, "Before offering you anything else, we offer you ourselves first: we offer Christ in us."

With this we want to thank all the consecrated women, lay people, young people, benefactors and friends who built the mission with us making it possible to bring Christ to the poor, with these sentiments we inform that our sisters are already safe in El Salvador.

God bless you all.

-att; Institute of the Poor Sisters of Jesus Christ

According to their website (https://www.ocaminho.org/nossas-missoes):

The Institute is a Catholic Fraternity, made up of consecrated persons, priests and lay people in their most varied faces and ages.
The Fraternity began in the outskirts of the South Zone of the city of São Paulo, Brazil, in 2001, with Fr. Gilson Sobreiro, our founder, along with Sr. Servant of the Occult Wounds of the Crucified, our co-founder, the laywoman Márcia Oliveira Maia Prates and some young people.
The Sisters came to Nicaragua in 2016. This is one of many religious groups to be expelled by the government from Nicaragua in the last few years.