Bishop Emeritus of Albany, New York, Howard J. Hubbard who sought Laicization Dies at Age 84 - RIP

The bishop emeritus of Albany, New York, USA, Howard J. Hubbard, has died. Hubbard died at Albany Medical Center on August 19th after being hospitalized for the stroke a few days earlier, bishop spokesperson Mark Behan confirmed. Please pray for the repose of his soul.
He recently got married in a civil ceremony. The 84-year-old had previously applied to the Vatican to be laicized, but this was refused. He was under investigation for cover-up and for committing sexual abuse himself. In an article with the Times Union he admitted to mishandling abuse. Hubbard apologized in 2013 for shortcomings of his own and the diocese in responding to the sexual abuse crisis. His successor as Bishop of Albany, Edward Scharfenberger, specifically stated in a statement after the civil marriage became known: "Bishop Hubbard remains a retired bishop of the Roman Catholic Church and therefore cannot enter into a marriage", even if he has been doing so for some time time it is forbidden to present oneself as a priest or to administer the sacraments in public.

“The life of a priest is never about himself but for those whom he serves, to whom he is sent. As we commend our brother, Howard Hubbard, to the God of all mercy, we pray also for all those who, throughout the course of his life, as priest, bishop, and friend, were inspired and encouraged along their own journey, especially those who received the sacraments through his ministry. Priests are called to sanctify, to “make holy,” to lift others up to God. As all priests are human, broken men, in need of redemption themselves from their own sins, we also pray for those who were in any way hurt or wounded by any priest they may have encountered. We join with everyone who can see this moment as an occasion to pray for all priests, living and deceased, and those they serve, to lift up our minds and hearts to the one God who alone knows our hearts and seeks the salvation of us all.”