#BreakingNews Prayers Answered as a Kidnapped Priest and Seminarian are Released in Nigeria

Priest and Seminarian kidnapped in early August have been released
Agenzia Fides reports that Fr. Paul Sanogo and Seminarian Melkiori Dominick Mahinini, kidnapped on August 3 in the assault on the parish of St. Luke Gyedna (diocese of Minna) in the local government area of Paikoro in the State of Niger, in central northern Nigeria have been released.
This was confirmed by the superior general of the Missionaries of Africa (better known as the White Fathers), Fr. Stanley Lubungo, according to whom the 2 religious were released this morning, August 24th.
Fr. Paul Sanogo is a White Father originally from Burkina Faso, while Melkiori Dominick Mahinini is a Seminarian from Tanzania, who was in Nigeria to carry out a missionary experience with the White Fathers and is originally from the parish of Kabanga in the Kigoma region.
Tanzanian ambassador to Nigeria, Benson Bana, also confirmed the release of the seminarian. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 24/8/2023)