LISTEN to a Beautiful Hymn Honoring Our Lady of Knock Sung in St. Patrick's Cathedral with Over 2 Million Views!

 Irish singer Cathy Maguire Sings "Lady of Knock" at the official St Patrick's Day Mass by request of His Eminence Cardinal Dolan. St Patrick's Cathedral, New York City. Our Lady of Knock pray for us 🙏 On March 17th, 2017 - over 2 Million Views! Lyrics below the Video:


Lyrics - [Verse 1] There were people of all ages. Gathered 'round the gable wall Poor and humble men and women. Little children that you would call We are gathered here before you And our hearts are just the same Filled with joy at such a vision As we praise your name [Chorus] Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland. All my cares and troubles cease As I kneel with love before you Lady of Knock, my Queen of Peace [Verse 2] Oh, your message is unspoken. But the truth in silence lies. So I gaze upon your vision. And the truth I try to find Here I stand, with John the teacher, And with Joseph at your side And I see the lamb of God, On the altar glorified