#BreakingNews Famous Large Statue of Jesus Christ Destroyed by Lightning in Mexico

On September 10th, lightning has destroyed a famous large statue of Christ the Fisher in Mexico.

A 33-meter-high sculpture located in La Concordia,  Chiapas went up in flames after the lightning hit.  According to witnesses,  Suddenly,  lightning struck the Christ the Fisher statue,  triggering a fire that spread throughout the structure.  It was built of fiberglass,  a highly flammable material that contributed to the rapid spread of fire.  The sculpture, was created by the Peruvian artist Pedro VĂ­ctor Cuya Ramos,  and was erected on El Raspado Hill (begun in 2014 and taking 6 years),  at an altitude of 200 meters.  It held the title of being the fourth largest of its kind worldwide.  In December 2020, a lighting system with solar panels was inaugurated,  both for the interior and exterior of the sculpture,  with an initial schedule that guaranteed six hours of daily lighting from dusk.